Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hot Mess Makeover

Since 2012 is around the corner and because I have made some heavy HEAVY mistakes in 2011 I figured I need to set some ground rules for the year of 2012. I would hate to say resolutions because resolutions are just so dang easy to discard and never follow through, so I'll call this hot mess makeover 2012.
Here we go..The List for Hot Mess Makeover 2012
1. Quit the cancer sticks for eternity.
2. Drink less..WAY less. Maybe just a glass or two only on special occasions.
3. Drink less coffee.
4. Train my dog Bananas to not fear the outside world and train her to run with me in the morning.
5. Become more compassionate to others.
6. Become more passionate with my crafts and etc.
7. Cook more and take more pictures..
8. Start taking less medications and live life using more holistic methods.
9. Eat more local produce.
10. Volunteer.
11. Be more healthy, live life to the fullest, and just love, love, love.

Ok that is my list.. what's yours?

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