Saturday, March 10, 2012

New News!

Hello Happy People! I am so excited to share some great news.
I finally got a STAND MIXER! Yay! Sort of an early(way early) birthday present for myself! It's been an exciting week at my house. I've been baking, experimenting, mixing, cleaning, and basically falling in love with my new mixer. 
I can't wait to share with ya'll all of my goodies!

Let's first begin with these nom noms..

Almond Cookies

Then a second batch with coconuts

These cookies are made with the same dough but one has coconuts while the other doesn't. I also used a cookie cutter for the almond cookies and the one with coconuts I just rolled it into a ball. It's amazing how different these two cookies taste! The almond cookie is soft, buttery, and melts in your mouth, while the one with the added coconuts is sweet, crunchy, and almost caramelized on the bottom. So good! 
While I am definitely enjoying my Saturday I can't wait for Sunday to come. My sister and I have a date at Melrose Trading Post. Can't wait to get my thrift on!!

Happy eatings!

Cheers Xo.

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