Saturday, June 9, 2012

I'm Baaaaack!

Hello! Long time no talk! Or I guess blog in this case. I've been seriously so busy with school, I haven't been able to kick back and just do the things that I love.. which you all know is cooking, baking, eating, and writing about food. But since I am on summer break I'm hoping to change that. Anyways, I've got some news! I recently found out that I got this amazing internship with a very well known restaurant/entertainment group and yes, I am super excited! I'm hoping to learn a lot and actually find my niche in the culinary field.
Sorry for the quick change of topic but.... I'm so happy to say my summer break has started with a bang. I've got to spend the week eating good food, and being with the people that I love the most, my friends. Recently for my friend's re-21st we went to the Roosevelt Hotel to wine and dine at 25 degrees, a gourmet burger joint, and bowl at the nontraditional bowling alley/bar at the Spare Room. It was such a great and unforgettable night.
One thing that I learned: you really feel like a close, tight family when you fit eight people into a booth that should only fit 4. Sigh.. I love my friends even if we had to fight for some space to eat our humongous burgers. It was constant apologies for throwing elbows into each other's faces. But still  good times.

So much food!

At the Spare Room Cocktails + Bowling

Nice little corner of the world, out of the hustle of Los Angeles.

Totally fell in love with this old school inspired DJ set up. So cute. 

So little tidbit.. Does anyone know why the burger joint is called 25 degrees? Well according to the menu.. 25 degrees is the heat difference between a medium rare and well-done burger. Yup! That's all folks. Until we meet again my friends. 

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