Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Spring Rolls or Summer Rolls?

Oh my goodness it is blazing hot here in Cali. I'm sweating bullets! When the weather gets this deadly I only want to eat cold, cold things. Spring rolls were definitely calling my name. I love the fact that it's a salad rolled up into one giant Asian style burrito. I tend to pack my rolls with as much veggies as I can fit ...today was no exception. Veggie explosion!!.....no seriously. I packed one roll with soo many veggies that it literally exploded. haha Good stuff.

I made three different types of spring rolls.
1. portobello mushroom, iceberg lettuce, spinach, cucumbers.
2. yellow nectarines, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce
3. portobello mushroom, carrots, roots(not too sure what it's called, it might be garlic stems?), spinach, iceberg lettuce, and bean sprouts.
To accompany the rolls, I made a sweet soy sauce (soy sauce, sugar, water).Dip, dip, eat!

mmm.. so good.

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