Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back To My Roots

I never really appreciated Korean food until I turned pescetarian. I never realized how many dishes can be transformed into vegetarian dishes. Most Korean meals consist of many side dishes called ban-chan. Ban-chan are mostly composed of some form of cooked, pickled, or steamed veggies. I love that the flavor profiles are all different.  Some might be sweet, some can be salty, but you can find many dishes that are pickled like kimchee ( spicy pickled cabbage). Korean ban-chan is awesome because it's so easy to enjoy. Most Korean market will have a refrigerated section stocked with already prepared meals. Don't be afraid to try everything!
Endless options of goodness


fried tofu with green onions and sesame seeds

marinated lotus roots!

YUMSSSSS. Korean buffet at home. Life is good.

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