Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Oh Joe!

Yes, I'll admit it. I am completely head over heels, super obsessed, in love with Joe. Trader Joe's that is. It's my go to spot for yummy, simple, and delicious meals. Every time I head over to Joe's I have to, I MUST write out a list or else I'm in deep trouble. I love that fact that I can get 2-3 weeks worth of food for only 30 dollars! Lucky me!
I personally think the Trader Joe's frozen section and ready made dips/sauces are the best quick fix for those nights that I am too tired to cook. My personal favorite..FALAFELS! These items definitely came in handy tonight.

-Trader Joe's frozen falafels
- whole grain lavish bread/ or pitas
- 4 cherry tomatoes
-a handful of spinach
- salt/pepper
- tzatziki (greek yogurt, cucumbers, dill, garlic)

This to me is the perfect summer food. Hit all the right spots. I finished off the meal with a trip to Frostbites to meet with a friend whom I haven't seen in years! My friend told them that it was my first time there and boy did they take care of me. They let me sample all of the flavor combinations. Way too many delicious options! I settled for Raspberry, Passion fruit, and Mango Sorbet Cream. For those of you that have never experienced this magical concoction, well it's basically homemade Italian ice on top of creamy frozen custard. I die! I seriously can't describe how amazing it was. You have to check it out for yourself! Alright I think I have major food coma. See you in the morning!

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