Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Morning You Hot, Hot Sun

I had the hardest time falling asleep last night. The heat in my room made me toss and turn all night. So this morning I had a tough time waking up. I ended up waking up at 8:00 and out the door by 8:30 for my morning run... and let me tell you OH MY GOODNESS. The sun decided to come out raging hard so early in the morning. The heat definitely made my jog not so enjoyable. By the time I got home I needed something cold and refreshing to get me back and ready to take on the day. Smoothie was the perfect solution. For some added protein I also ate a spoonful of homemade peanut butter. I recently found out how easy and delicious homemade peanut butter is.. it's even cheaper than most natural peanut butter. All you need is a bag full of roasted peanuts, a spoonful of canola oil, and pulse away. I must warn you though.. the process can get very loud. So in other words, don't make peanut butter in the morning while others are sleeping... or you might make an enemy. Haha
My Smoothie Ingredients
-1 whole banana
-1/2 cup frozen strawberries
-1 cup skim milk
-1/2 tsp whole flaxseeds

Alright now got to find something to escape the heat. Possibly the library? The market? Hammock under the shade? The possibilities are endless. I hope your all enjoying your summer!

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